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English Vocabulary Learning Software

If you want to speak English,
you must learn vocabulary.

VocabularyFIRST software
is a special learning program,
designed to help you learn
English words quickly & easily.

VocabularyFIRST is a powerful English vocabulary learning software for all students learning English as a second language, especially useful for beginners and intermediate learners.
It’s a special learning software designed to make it easy to learn new English words and improve your English vocabulary.

VocabularyFIRST_The Learning Software

A unique learning program for an effective vocabulary learning.

VocabularyFIRST software contains a database of the 9,000 most important English words you need for common daily use.
All 9,000 mp3 audio files are recorded by native English speaker, so that you can easily improve your pronunciation.
A correct pronunciation will make easier for others to understand what you want to say.

13 efficient learning
and testing methods
for a successful self-study.

Discover and enjoy the comfortable and relaxing way of learning English vocabulary. It’s been designed to turn a boring activity into a pure pleasure of learning.
Powerful and effective learning methods will make your learning easy as never before.
Learn English words with VocabularyFIRST learning software and you will find a passion for English.

Download free learning software
and start to learn English words
to improve your vocabulary.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Laptop

7 reasons to buy the program

Easy as never before

13 effective learning and testing methods and
comfortable program control from the keyboard
make your learning as easy as never before.

Perfect for beginners & advanced

Perfect for beginners to learn correct pronunciation
and also for advanced learners to increase vocabulary.

All your words in your computer

Every new word you learn will be safely stored
in your computer so that you can easy memorize
all your vocabulary you have learned so far.

Your own lessons

You can create your own lessons with
any English words and meanings you want to learn.

Off-line program usage

All audio files are stored in your computer what brings
you faster audio response and off-line program usage.

Native English speaker

Pronunciation spoken by native English speaker.

Database of 9000 most important words

All the words you need for common daily use.

Perfect for SELF-STUDY

A home is an ideal place to learn English words and build up your vocabulary.


A simple lesson arrangement makes the program clear at first sight.

An easy access to all your learning lessons.
A transparent Lesson Manager enables you to manage your learning lessons, create new lessons, open or edit existing lessons. A clear arrangement of all your lessons will help you find any lesson you want quickly and easily.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_The Lesson Manager Window

Designed for WINDOWS

Download the installation program and start the VocabularyFIRST program on your computer (Win 10, 8, 7).

A native English PRONUNCIATION.

All database of 9000 audio files is recorded by a native English speaker.

Listen to a sample of pronunciation of 10 English words.
If you want to be understood, pay attention to the correct pronunciation. A good accent and a correct pronunciation will make easier for others to understand what you want to say.
Once you download the program all audio files are stored in your computer so that you can learn English words off-line if you want

(memory, ocean, password, uncle, elbow, never, wife, music, river, spoon)

Learn English words ALOUD

When you are learning, pay attention to correct pronunciation. Listen carefully to every single word and repeat aloud.

1000 most common ENGLISH WORDS.

Learn the words you really need for common daily use.

Learn 1000 most common English words you need to know to start to speak English. Focus on correct pronunciation and learn the most important meaning of every single English word.
Vocabulary of 1000 most frequently used English words is the challenge you have to master first. Start to learn the words you really need for common daily life.

Go to
to learn more about 1000 Most Common English Words
with free AUDIO English pronunciation.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_1000 English words

Just 2 minutes a DAY

Practise one lesson every day not to forget your vocabulary you have learned so far.

All your vocabulary on your COMPUTER.

Using the program all your vocabulary is stored on your computer, so that you can easily practise all those words anytime.

An easy access to all your vocabulary.
If you learn a foreign language, it’s normal you forget many words you have learnt. That’s why the repeating vocabulary is extremely important activity in foreign language’s study. You should repeat all the words you know as often as possible, otherwise you will forget most of your vocabulary you have heavily obtained.
VocabularyFIRST learning program allows you to gather and keep all the English words you learn on one place. Easy access to your vocabulary allows you to practise any English word you want or even the whole vocabulary you have learnt so far. This great advantage makes your learning more successful and more effective.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Desktop PC

All the words you know at your fingertips on your computer.


While learning, use the headphones for the best audio experience and better study results.

Vocabulary FIRST.

If you want to be successful in learning English, focus on vocabulary.

Vocabulary is a must.
If you learn English as a foreign language you should focus on learning English words first. When you master the basic vocabulary then you can fully concentrate on learning language. VocabularyFIRST program allows you easily create your own learning lessons and learn the words you want. You can write your own translation of every English word in your mother language.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Bubble chart

Speaking English is a great ADVANTAGE

The ability to speak English enables you to find new friends, get a better job, study abroad or get more information on the Internet.

Easy & comfortable program CONTROL.

There is only ONE arrow key from the keyboard you need to control the program.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Control Keys_1

Easy & comfortable.

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