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English Vocabulary Learning Software

Quick start.

Open the lesson, choose a learning mode and start to learn. It’s really easy.

Hello, let’s start to learn!

First, thank you for purchasing VocabularyFIRST software. We work really hard to bring you the perfect learning tool for an easy and comfortable learning English words. If you are a beginner, this is the right learning program for you. Discover effective learning and testing methods especially designed for self-study. We hope you will enjoy your learning with VocabularyFIRST software.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Quick start_1

1. Click Open.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Quick start_2

2. Click the lesson Test 2, for example.
3. Click on English word actor.
4. Write your own translation of the word in your language. Mark with the translations you want to be permanently displayed in your lesson.
5. Repeat this process by clicking on all the other English words in the lesson.
6. Click OK to save all changes and open the lesson.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Quick start_3

7. Choose Alphabetical order or Random order.
8. Choose the first learning mode (EN + ME + VO).

ENENglish word
MEMEaning (translation of the word)
VOVOice (pronunciation of the word)

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Quick start_4

9. Click button () or press Down arrow key on your keyboard to learn all the English words from the lesson.

VocabularyFIRST learning software_Control Keys_2

Control keys

You can easy control VocabularyFIRST software from the keyboard.