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English Vocabulary Learning Software

How to improve my English vocabulary.

VocabularyFIRST software will help you increase your vocabulary.

Useful computer learning softwares.

Learning foreign language is mainly about learning new words and building up vocabulary. The more words you know the better understanding you have of what you read or hear and more easily you can express yourself in writing or speaking. Learning words is an individual activity and it is only up to you to find the best way how to learn new English words.
Since most students usually learn English words at home you should use all the benefits of your personal computer to learn easily and effectively. There are many special learning programs that make your computer a helpful assistant in the learning process.

When learning, follow these general rules:

Memorize the words.
Memorize the words. It is the fastest and most effective way to build up a vocabulary. Any time you can, think about the words you have learned so far.

It is easier to remember words if you write them down. Write words and their translations in a notebook or use the VocabularyFIRST program for easier and more comfortable way of learning. that will significantly increase the effect of the learning process. Write the translation of the word by only one or two words in your language to learn it more easily.

If you want to be understood, pay attention to the correct pronunciation. Good accent and correct pronunciation will make easier for others to understand what you want to say.

Listening to a foreign language requires an attention and concentration in order to identify sounds of individual words, understand their meanings as well as the meaning of the whole sentence.
When learning with VocabularyFIRST create a lesson of about 20 English words and use the random order to listen to the sounds of individual words. Don’t look at the words displayed on monitor and try to figure out the meaning of each word by just hearing it.

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